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Best Way To Remove Mucoid Plaque – Deep Cleanse

The mucus is a protective layer of our intestines that helps us avoid toxins and harmful nutrients. However, if it becomes too thick or there are excessive amounts in the intestines for an extended period of time without being removed properly, it turns to be mucoid plaque, then this could pose serious problems on health […]

What is mucoid plaque?

What is Mucoid Plaque

What is Mucoid Plaque? What is Mucoid plaque caused by? What is Mucoid Plaque indicating? … These are the most common questions that people ask and want to know what actually Mucoid Plaque is.  Here are 3 simple explanations about Mucoid Plaque to clear the myths. In a very general term, Mucoid Plaque has defined […]

Pooping frequency: How often should I poop a day?

Pooping frequency How often should I poop a day? Some people have 0-3 bowel movements in a day while some people in a week. But, how frequent is consider Normal? Generally, most people have their bowel movement at least 1-2 times a day and weight about 100g to 250g each.  Its brown in color with […]