Mucoid Plaque Cleanse Solution

Get Rid Of Colon Waste
in just 3 Days!

This Solution is ALL YOU NEED to

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse

Get Rid Of Colon Waste
in just 3 Days!

This Solution is ALL YOU NEED to

If you’ve always been on top of your health game and maintained a healthy lifestyle with daily exercise, yoga, and an organic diet with NO GMO products, then chances are that you might say ‘I Don’t Need This Solution.’   But wait a minute. Just like everybody, even the Most Health Conscious People need it.

It’s NO Sales Gimmick. Here’s why you need it:

Try to ask yourself, trust me, you will also wonder, like every of us do..

  • I do exercise regularly & eat healthily, then why do I still feel tired/fatigued every day?
  • No matter how hard I control my meal intake, how hard I workout, I continue to gain weight?
  • I sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day, but still I suffer from brain fog, and have difficulty concentrating on my work and forget things?
  • I take a lot of supplemental fiber, but I can’t get rid of constipation?
  • I follow a good skincare routine, then why do I have sensitive skin?
  • I eat organic, but I still get food allergies?

Now if you can’t seem to answer these questions, then it’s because the signs and health issues you’re experiencing are because of a Deep-Rooted Problem that most people are unaware of. Read on; you’ll find your answer..

Intestines Roles

Intestines’ Roles

Intestines’ Roles

The Intestines in the body play a vital role in getting rid of the toxins. All the body’s cellular structures, including the liver (the largest purification organ), HEAVILY rely on the colon to perform properly. The colon takes the waste out of the body and helps dissolve the residue of nutrients from the digested food while facilitating their reuse for the body. 

Thus, it is important to maintain a well-functioning colon.

In general, an adult has an average of five kg of waste in their colon even if they have a proper and regular bowel movement. However, if the bowel movement is irregular and your body is chronically subjected to toxins in the food you eat, from medication (aspirin), salt, heavy metals (including dental mercury), and unhealthy environmental exposure, the intestines will react to all these toxins in the body by releasing mucus. The mucus is released to protect the cells from toxins.

What Causes Mucoid Plaque?

With time, this mucus layer becomes difficult to remove from the body and its over-accumulation thus results in the formation of MUCOID PLAQUE. It is a brownish-sludge type material that is thick, brittle and hard to remove, weighing as much as 20 pounds or more over time.

It is vital to understand that Mucoid Plaque is unnatural to a healthy body. It is only found when your body moves from Perfect Health into a Diseased State. Although there is no specific quantity or amount of time medically identified for removing mucoid plaque, it should be removed before it starts showing unpleasant symptoms like fatigue, skin allergies, headaches, back pain, hair loss, inflammation, and frequent flu and cold.

Formation of Mucoid Plaque

Formation of Mucoid Plaque

Deep Cleanse

Deep Cleanse

Deep Cleanse – Best Way To Remove Mucoid Plaque

It is important to Deep Cleanse your colon routinely because Mucoid Plaque is rarely excreted on its own. Also, when there is a lot of Mucoid Plaque accumulated on the intestine walls, it provides the perfect environment for all types of Harmful Parasites, Yeast, Bacteria Viruses.  It further leads to blockage in the colon, stops the nutrient absorption from food, and slows the digestive process.

Over time, the immune system weakens as friendly bacteria are overtaken by unhealthy bacteria, which can severely damage your health. So, if you don’t clear the blocked passages in the colon and get rid of the toxins accumulated COMPLETELY, you are likely to suffer from health problems whose cause you can’t identify despite a healthy lifestyle.

TRUST US! It is indeed crucial to Deep Cleanse the colon to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.
This is why we care and how we can help.

Vitalic D, a 3-day cleanse with PROVEN effectiveness, all Natural and Safe colon cleansing solution that removes Mucoid Plaque from your body easily and quickly
Restoring Good Health.

It’s PAIN FREE, SUPER FAST, EFFECTIVE, and more importantly, will NOT tie you down in a 35-day long and hectic program.

At EzyRelife, we aim to

Rejuvenate Good Gastrointestinal Naturally.

Vitalic D is formulated with 100 % Natural Ingredients selected by our experienced and Highly-Professional R&D Experts and manufactured in Accredited Facilities over the 20 years. It contains No Fillers Or Binders. You will have peace of mind knowing that it is safe to consume and provides effective colon cleansing results.

Amazing Benefits of Removing Mucoid Plaque

You not just get a colon cleansing product, Vitalic D, you get a solution that ensures your health gets back on track.  3 Days cleansing giving no pain, cramp or any discomfort feeling, but you can see it, feel it, smell it and enjoy the final cleansed result.  This is the primary difference between us from others.

Unique Formulation

The special formulated Natural Ingredient not only to grab the unwanted Mucoid Plaque then slide it out from our body, but also provides your daily nutrition, keep you feel full.  You will not feel any hungry while cleansing.  Although cleansing the obstinate Mucoid Plaque is a complicate task in intestines but sliding it out from our body is easy and smooth.  There is no rushing toilet or staying next to toilet required. Simply because it is food, specifically Natural Fiber, not laxative or any form of purging. Second credit to our professional R&D experts, made these advantages than other cleansing programs.

Unique Transformation

Anyone can do colon cleansing with Vitalic D, even the first-time colon cleanser.  Product comes with full detail instruction, consumption guide and even online consultancy (if needed). Both super easy to do and achieve the cleansing.  Also, super safe to carry out even without professional personnel monitoring.

vitality colon cleanse drink
3 day mucoid plaque cleanse
Vitalic D - the best mucoid plaque cleanse

Vitalic D, It’s truly Vitality not just Virtuality.

Here’s How Vitalic D works:

Mucoid Plaque Cleanse Testimonials

Although there are many solutions you can find in the market, 


That is NOT an overstatement.  It’s come from the testimonials

3 Day Colon Cleanse Review by Michelle

I love to cleanse, routine cleansing

After I did my original 3-day mucoid plaque cleanse, I felt wonderful and wanted to hang on to that feeling. I knew that if I didn’t find a way to keep this product in my life and do it regularly, I would gradually go back to my old bad eating habits, you know, lots of sugar and processed foods. So, I personally set my plan, doing at least a 1-day cleanse every month, which sounded perfect for me, and it has been. First of all, it keeps my healthy diet on track. By the time I’ve done a little colon cleansing program, meal reduction before cleanse, the 1-day meal replacement for cleanse, and meal restoration after cleanse, I get another little weight-loss boost that helps keep me on my plan. Without that boost every month, my weight loss would be a lot slower or even stopped. Also, this monthly cleanse helps to maintain my colon health, which is important to me now.

Michelle / IL USA
mucoid plaque cleanse review by rico

Work while cleansing? No problem!

Here’s how I did my first colon cleansing. I decided to take it easy on myself during the cleanse, so I took a day off work to give myself a long weekend and just spent the 3 days catching up on my reading and binge-watching TV. What a nice break that was! But, as it turns out, I didn’t need to be so careful. Haha.. I over prepared for my first time colon cleansing.  It’s actually so simple and wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I just followed the very detail guidance, then wait for the stuff sliding out of my body and I felt great the whole time. No pain and no cramp at all.  So I didn’t need to take a day off work and could have been doing anything I wanted. The bottom line is that losing 9 pounds has jump started my weight loss program like nothing else has ever been able to do before. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about this cleanse sooner.

Rick / NY USA

No bad feelings

I never had any diarrhea to deal with, thank goodness! I went to work every day as usual. I can feel the gunk is moving in my colon and started to be released in the first day night, but there was no running to the bathroom. No rushing, no cramping feeling.  I’ve lost 10 pounds and have never felt so light and healthy as I do now after this cleanse.

Darl / Oakham UK
loss weight cleanse review by Vick

Cleanse the waste, I lost weight

To tell you the truth, I wondered how a cleanse could be that effective, so I decided to try it for myself together with my best friend, and were so glad we did it. It really is as good as everyone says! I lost 9 pounds of hideous stuff that had been inside my body for who knows how long, and she lost 10., but here’s the best part: I just feel so clean inside and light now and she feels awesome too.

Vick / OK USA

Can’t wait to get rid of Mucoid Plaque

Hey, I took a look at those pictures of mucoid plaque and wanted to get that stuff out of my colon as soon as possible. I was a little worried about the taste of the cleanse drinks, but I liked them a lot after tried it. The good taste makes this cleanse a lot easier than it would be otherwise. Also, I never felt hungry because its really feel filling and there was another drink every couple of hours.

Salw / MD USA

Mucoid Plaque Pictures

The unwanted wasted remove from colon

What does mucoid plaque look like?
( *The following pictures may cause uncomfortable. DO NOT point/click it if don’t want to see it.)

mucoid plaque result
real testimonial mucoid plaque result
the unwanted waste - mucoid plaque

Vitalic D is  A Total Colon Cleansing Approach that you can TRUST and RELY ON.

A small and thin Mucoid Plaque layer can bring risk to the body, imagine how badly many hardened layers of Mucoid Plaque can harm your body and health? Make colon cleansing a habit to achieve Optimum Health. Deep colon cleanse it routinely.

Before Mucoid Plaque takes a toll on your body, get the Vitalic D to detoxify and cleanse it.

The second leading cause of cancer deaths in the US is colon cancer!! To avoid risk and stay healthy, all toxins and congestion must be removed. And it all begins with an effective Colon Cleansing System like Vitalic D.

You’re only a click away from Achieving & Ensuring Optimal Health.


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