Deep Colon Cleanse to Remove Mucoid Plaque

Many people have a lifestyle and busy schedule that doesn’t allow for expensive, organic foods, a private chef, or hours to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. Unfortunately, after eating fast food meals, processed, non-GMO foods, and low-fiber diets, your colon can suffer from chronic constipation, accumulate a large amount of impacted fecal matter, and a host of other issues.

Mucoid plaque, a substance that exists in your colon, may cause further damage and hinder your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, digest your food properly, and give you the feel-good benefits of a healthy body and diet.

Doing a deep colon cleanse can be like cleaning out a cluttered, messy room. Afterward, you can feel the difference in weight loss, mood, energy, a physical feeling of lightness, and more. As the makers of Vitalic D, we take colon health very seriously and have formulated our deep colon cleanse program to bring you these results and more.


What’s Mucoid Plaque?

Individuals in the complementary and alternative medicine field speak of a colon condition that results from processing our modern-day diets and living busy lifestyles with little time for exercise or proper eating.

The condition is called mucoid plaque, and it’s a buildup of material that coats the inside walls of an unhealthy colon. You could compare it to a gel-like film or mucus lining, which some theorize can interfere with your digestion and prevent the absorption of essential nutrients from your meals.

Mucoid Plaque Buildup Intestine Structure

Your colon was made to carry and transport stool and does a fine job of it when tasked with digesting naturally sourced foods. However, our society wants faster food preparation and increased nutrition.

Mucoid Plaque Lining Inside Colon

Modern diets often include foods grown from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic sweeteners, hybrid grains, and other foods that our ancestors never ate. These engineered and hybridized foods don’t occur in nature.

Although meant to provide more dense nutrients and better flavor, among other things, they can wreak havoc on digestive systems because our bodies haven’t adapted to processing these altered food products.

If you have deposits of mucoid plaque lining the inside of your colon, the interference in your digestion can potentially trigger or exacerbate allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), skin rashes, fatigue, diarrhea, and other issues. Some also speculate that certain cancers can also result from mucoid plaque and other problems stemming from an unhealthy colon.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut

If your gut suffers from mucoid plaque deposits and other issues, you’ll likely have excessive gas, a bloated stomach, and burping after your meals. In some cases, this can cause significant discomfort, heartburn, interrupted sleep, and make it hard to keep up that sunny and cheerful attitude each day. Imagine being stuck in a long work meeting after lunch when your stomach isn’t running smoothly!

You might also notice that you have developed patches of an extremely itchy skin rash, acid reflux from a constantly bloated stomach, never-ending constipation, and low moods. When your system doesn’t digest food properly and deliver nutrients to your body, you might also start getting dry, scaly skin or lackluster, frizzy hair.

Poor digestion means that your gut probably doesn’t effectively sweep out your poop regularly. The resulting back-up of fermenting stool or feces can turn a small population of bad gut bacteria into a larger population that overwhelms your colon and crowds out beneficial bacteria.Unhealty Gut Bloated Stomach


Why Don’t My Clothes Fit Anymore?

If your body doesn’t produce stool almost every day, the backed-up matter can cause a distended colon. This condition can make some women look a few months pregnant and likely contributes to the dreaded muffin-top look when wearing clothes with a waistband. It may also make you retain water, causing your clothes to fit tightly and uncomfortably.

This back-up can make you feel heavy and really exhausted. The stagnant, slow-moving, and impacted feces allows for the development of mucoid plaque, bloating, overgrowth of fungus such as candida and can possibly contribute to a leaky gut.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and your diet, especially if you’ve been making an effort to eat well. Unfortunately, constipation and slow-moving digestion can also result from certain medications or health issues such as diabetes, lactose intolerance, infections, nervous conditions, hypothyroidism, and other diseases of the autoimmune system.

Cleaning Out the Waste

If these symptoms sound familiar, you’re not alone. A national survey detected that about 75 percent of Americans have suffered from gastrointestinal symptoms including bloating, gas, diarrhea, stomach pain, and other related issues a few times each month or more. The study also said that among its 2,000 participants, very few were able to receive any clear diagnosis and treatment for their issues.

It’s frustrating when you spend time and money on various doctors and still come up with no resolution. Sometimes it helps to start with the most simple DIY solution and then move on if you don’t get good results.

Our premium product, Vitalic D, provides that simple solution. You only need to consume the product for three days, and you’ll know right away if mucoid plaque buildup, stagnant feces, or slow digestion are behind your stomach discomfort and other symptoms.

Vitalic D Colon Cleansing Program Packets

A Natural Solution

Vitalic D was formulated to leave out all engineered, GMO-type ingredients, fillers, and artificial sweeteners. It only includes natural, proven-effective ingredients that we fully disclose on our packaging. You can research each ingredient to see for yourself how effectively they have worked for many people. You won’t find a better deep colon cleansing product that works as safely and effectively as Vitalic D.

We’ve also formulated our product to work gently because you’ve probably already been suffering from enough stomach discomfort and we know that you don’t need more! The cleansing formula works so gently that you can do your deep colon cleanse during the week while at work or over the weekend while still engaging in your everyday routines. You won’t have to spend hours hanging around the bathroom or lying in bed with a heating pad to avoid stomach cramps.

Feeling Great and Other Benefits

Once you clear out any stagnant waste and mucoid plaque buildup from your colon, you can expect to feel lighter and more energetic. A deep colon cleanse means your body won’t need to work as hard at digestion, and your bowel movements may return to a regular schedule.

Don’t be surprised if your moods and sleep improve as well, since a large proportion of your body’s feel-good neurochemical, serotonin, is produced in your gut. A healthy gut has more good bacteria, which produce about 75 percent of your body’s serotonin.

Vitality lifestyle simply natural safe and effective so that you can enjoy your lifestyle peacefully without any worry

In Summary

Poor eating, illness, infection, a sedentary lifestyle, allergies, disease, and many other afflictions can cause a slow-moving gut and feces that stagnate in your colon. The side effects include many unpleasant symptoms such as constant bloating, gas and burping after meals, acid reflux, indigestion, skin issues, and more.

Vitalic D was formulated by our experienced nutritional team to gently, yet effectively, remove mucoid plaque buildup and other waste from your colon to allow for healing, weight loss, and more.

Try out Vitalic D and see how it can give you back the energy, figure, and vitality that you thought were gone forever.

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